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  • 我尝一下可以吗 小说

    a stupor—had no sensation▓ left except a numb, bruised feeling from ●head to foot—forgot what the matter was, forg▓ot even Veronika, simply existe●d in a state of half conscious wretch?/p>

    馿dness.The first frenzy of grief had spe▓nt itself.The very immensity of the pain I h▓ad suffered acted as an opiate●, exhausted and rendered me insensible.I hear▓d the voices of the people as a sol●dier who is wounded may still● hear something of the din of batt●le. I don’t

  • 我尝一下可以吗 小说

    know how long I had la▓in thus when I became aware that a hand was p●laced upon my shoulder.Some one shook me roug●hly and said, “Get up and come away.〃埍 Passively, I obeyed.“Sit down,?/p>

    报?said the same person, pushing● me into a chair.I sat down and relap●sed into my stupor. Again I don 癔t know how long it was before th●ey disturbed me for a second ti●me.Two or three men were stan▓ding in front of me.One of them w▓as in uniform.Slowly I recognized that ▓he

    Gradually, h
  • 我尝一下可以吗 小说

    was an officer, a captain of police.He ●spoke.I heard what he said without understandin●g, as one who is half asleep hears what is said ▓at his bedside.This much only I gath●ered, that he

    wanted me to go with him s●omewhere.I was too much dazed to ▓care what I did or what was done ▓with me.He took my arm and l●ed me away.He led me into the str▓eet.There was a a great crowd.I s●hut my eyes and tottered along at his si▓de.We entered a house.Somebody asked me a● lot

    owever, natu

我尝一下可以吗 小说

of questions—my name and where I lived a▓nd so forth—to which my lips fr●amed mechanical answers.I can remember nothin▓g more. When consciousness revived I was mad●e to understand that I had fainted. “Bu●t where am I What has happened 癖 I asked, trying to remember. ● The police-captain explained.“Mr.Neuman●,” he said, “I have made all the i

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